20 September 2017

SCB increases its use of JobMatch Talent

Statistics Sweden is using JobMatch Talent more than ever. Whether it is for recruitment, competence development or management support, the occupational psychology personality test is an important part of the authority’s strategic work. In addition, SCB, together with JobMatch Sweden, has trained four employees to use, interpret and analyse the results.

“We have relied on JobMatch Talent’s accuracy for eight years, and since 2014, usage has risen sharply throughout the organisation. It is a scientifically validated and tested tool that is useful in several different areas and which we have great confidence in. We place very high demands on the working methods, procedures and tools that can be included in SCB’s strategic competence management of executive teams and managers,” says Martin Lagerström, responsible for strategic competence development of managers at SCB.

Martin Lagerström was recently awarded ACQ:s Global Award for his work with SCB’s strategic competence management.

Over the last three years, SCB’s use of the occupational psychology personality test JobMatch Talent has increased significantly in terms of executive support, manager and leader development and candidate recruitment. In order to maximize the benefit, Martin Lagerström has, together with three employees, been trained to become a certified user.

“The increased internal competence enables us to provide even better support to our executive teams and managers in how to interpret, analyse and use the results correctly.”

The fact that resources have been spent on internal training in JobMatch Talent shows that SCB invests in its staff and that the entire organisation sees the benefits through the results from JobMatch Talent.

JobMatch Talent is scientifically validated, reviewed and approved by the international certification body DNV-GL according to the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association’s requirements model, and has a documented accuracy of 85 per cent. For an authority such as Statistics Sweden, this is important.

“Of course, we choose tools based on scientific studies, validation reports and statistical tests. And the fact that both executives and managers at different levels and our candidates see that it works in practice is of course also important,” says Martin Lagerström.

“It is impressive to see how accurate SCB is in its recruitment and decision-making processes and its extensive and good work with strategic skills provision in general. We are very pleased that JobMatch Talent is part of that work,” says Klaus Olsen, MD of JobMatch Sweden.

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