21 March 2018

JobMatch Sweden enjoys another strong year – sales increase by 20 per cent

JobMatch Sweden continues to grow and sales increase by 20 per cent. Its major success factor is that more and more companies, municipalities and authorities choose to work with a DNV-GL certified test system, such as JobMatch Talent.

“Our test tool JobMatch Talent became the first in Sweden in 2015 to be certified by DNV-GL in accordance with the new EFPA guidelines. This is the main reason why we continue to grow. Last year we also began to see a sharp increase in demand among our customers for training and certification in JMT, which is why we have steadily expanded the number of times we offer the courses,” says Klaus Olsen, MD of JobMatch Sweden.

Nya investeringar gav JobMatch Sweden fortsatt tillväxt 2017

Klaus Olsen, MD of JobMatch Sweden

In recent years, JobMatch Sweden has invested a lot in developing new products and services while creating good growth. In 2017, a first version of the screening tool JobMatch Screen was launched for more efficient selection management in the recruitment process. The tool is a stripped back version of JobMatch Talent, and is for example suitable for companies that have many applicants or work with fast recruitment processes.

“We always do our best to listen to clients and meet their wishes or customise the services wherever it is possible. Our customers have long wanted a simple screening test as a complement to the personality test JobMatch Talent. Another new feature is the key report summarising the most important aspects in a person specification compared to a test result. The key report can be understood without needing to be trained in the test.”

For 2018, the targets continue to be high. The test reports will be translated into more languages, and the user platform JobMatch Centre will be further developed with more features and in addition, a new product is taking shape – an interview guide.

“The interview guide will help our users to do even more targeted interviews based on test results in relation to the person specification. This has also been requested by many customers, so we hope it will be appreciated on the market quickly,” says Klaus Olsen, MD of JobMatch Sweden.