12 September 2022

Jobmatch invests in global expansion: Fredrik Nordén is the new Globalization Manager

As part of Jobmatch Sweden’s ongoing international expansion, Fredrik Nordén, former sales and business development manager at Jobmatch, has taken on a new role as Globalization Manager. Fredrik’s background is as an international business developer at one of the world’s largest education companies. After just a few months in the new role, a new partner in Norway has been established and negotiations are ongoing with partners in Finland and Denmark.

“We are now taking the next step and creating collaborations with suitable partners in other markets, to further reach out with our services, products, and solutions”, says Klaus Olsen, CEO of Jobmatch Sweden.

Fredrik Nordén has worked at Jobmatch since the beginning of 2021. Previously, he worked as Global Business Developer at EF Corporate Language Solutions, a role that involved creating the conditions for cooperation across national borders, both within the organisation and with local partners.

“My responsibility was to develop communication between different markets and bridge cultural differences. Communication between countries, markets and partners is a prerequisite for success. Now I am looking forward to continuing to build Jobmatch’s international network”, says Fredrik Nordén.

Fredrik joined Jobmatch Sweden because he saw a huge potential in the services, products and solutions offered. Jobmatch Sweden offers its partners a complete online testing system for recruitment, redeployment and employee and career development.

Jobmatch Sweden has a great offer, with a modern product that can take the world by storm. The tests are revolutionary; reliable, versatile, with uniquely high predictive validity and also highly developmental on an individual level as they do not lock test takers into pre-determined boxes.

“The aim with our international partners is that they act as independent businesses, promoting the Jobmatch suite of tests.”

“We have already started a collaboration with Hapro in Norway, a very good example of the kind of international partners Jobmatch Sweden wants to join forces with. Hapro will be our representative on the Norwegian market, and they see the partnership as a great opportunity to expand their services to new and existing customers.”

Jobmatch Sweden is now continuing its international expansion, primarily focusing on partnerships in the other Nordic countries, followed by the major European countries. Negotiations are underway with partners in Denmark and Finland, and the company is continuing its market research in other European countries.

Fredrik Nordén sees good opportunities to effectively reach the right decision-makers around the world with Jobmatch’s offer.

“We are moving gradually, but with great energy and a clear target focus. Maintaining the high quality of Jobmatch Sweden’s services and products is always the first priority”, says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

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