16 September 2022

Jobmatch Sweden’s turnover grows by 48 percent, launches new test and invests in the Nordic region

After a steady growth for several years, Jobmatch Sweden plans to further develop several services in 2022 and continue to grow throughout the Scandinavian market. Among other things, a completely new aptitude test, Jobmatch LogiQ, will be launched and new sales channels will be established in both the Nordic region and several countries in Europe.

“In 2022, the focus will be on further opening up the Scandinavian markets by establishing active partners in Norway, Denmark, and Finland. So far, we are growing fairly evenly with different product groups, but the biggest growth potential is internationally, both within and outside the Nordic region. Today, the Jobmatch Talent tests can be taken in more than 30 languages, which indicates a good international growth potential”, says Klaus Olsen, CEO of Jobmatch Sweden.

In May 2022, Jobmatch Sweden will launch a brand-new IQ and talent test, Jobmatch LogiQ. There are already clear indications that the aptitude test will be well received by customers and users. The new test, which is certified by DNV, is designed to help recruiters identify the right candidates in recruitment processes. In parallel with the launch of Jobmatch LogiQ, the company will also further develop the career guide Jobmatch Career, which was launched in May 2019.

“We see that our investment in Jobmatch Career was a good strategy. The need for reliable and personalised career guidance is huge, there is no equivalent service on the market where jobseekers and students can be matched so accurately with professional fields that match their talents and skills.”

Part of Jobmatch Sweden’s recipe for success from the beginning has been an approach where, in close dialogue with customers and users, they optimise and adapt the services to meet new demands and conditions.

“One of Jobmatch Sweden’s greatest strengths is that we are not very large in terms of number of employees. This allows us to be flexible and to pivot quickly. During the remainder of 2022, we will continue to focus on becoming the market’s most customer- and user-friendly provider of occupational psychology testing systems for recruitment and career guidance.”

The strong organic growth is due to both new customers constantly discovering Jobmatch Sweden, and existing customers staying and growing. Jobmatch Sweden’s turnover was SEK 20 million in 2021, an increase of over 48 percent from 2020.

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For further information, please contact Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager or Klaus Olsen, CEO Jobmatch Sweden.