17 October 2022

The Norwegian market will now have direct access to the personality test Jobmatch Talent

Jobmatch Sweden AB has, as part of its ongoing international initiative, entered into a partner agreement with Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS in Norway, which is partly owned by Norwegian municipalities and the major bank DNB. The partnership gives Jobmatch the opportunity to reach the right companies and organisations through Hapro’s presence in Norway.

“Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS has a well-developed customer network throughout Norway, which makes the conditions for quickly establishing Jobmatch very favourable. Harpo is committed and has high ambitions, so I think we are a perfect match”, says Klaus Olsen, CEO, Jobmatch Sweden.

Hapro Jobb og Karriere is one of Norway’s leading competence centres and offers employment-oriented measures, courses and labour market services. More than 4,000 people a year receive help with retraining, career guidance, management coaching and skills development through Hapro. Through the partnership with Jobmatch, Hapro will be able to add the JobMatch Talent personality test and the Jobmatch Career career tool to their range of services. For Jobmatch, the partnership means that Hapro will be responsible for the Norwegian market, both in the private and public sectors.

“We are delighted that Hapro has chosen to become our partner in Norway. This is a real win-win, Jobmatch gets a broad presence in the Norwegian market and Hapro gets a good addition to their service portfolio. You can compare it to when a streaming service adds a new popular series to its offering”, says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager, Jobmatch Sweden.

Hapro chose Jobmatch Sweden as a partner not least because of the growing demand for high quality testing solutions with proven predictive validity. Hapro will have overall responsibility for the sale of Jobmatch’s services and will also provide service and support to customers.

“The fact that JobMatch Talent testing solutions are certified by DNV and comply with EFPA guidelines were important factors for Hapro, who wants to make a long-term and serious investment in the right service offering. They have already hired two new employees who will be dedicated to working with Jobmatch in Norway, demonstrating Hapro’s high level of ambition. We hope and believe that the establishment in the Norwegian market will open up for expansion also in Finland and Denmark, where we are already in dialogue with potential partners.

“We are delighted about the new cooperation with Jobmatch Sweden. The goal is to make Jobmatch the most widely known testing solution and we see great opportunities to develop as we roll out Jobmatch’s offering in the Norwegian market. Just like Jobmatch Sweden, we are an organisation that do what we say and say what we do, to make the cooperation sustainable, rewarding and profitable in both the short and long term,” says Åge Skinstad, Administrative Director at Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS.

The agreement came into force in September 2022.

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