19 October 2022

“We have high ambitions with Jobmatch Talent in Norway” – Fredrik Nordén on internationalisation

Jobmatch recently started a partnership with Norwegian Harpo Jobb og Karriere to grow faster in the Norwegian market.

“It is an established company with dedicated employees, we believe this will be an important piece of the puzzle to grow in the personality test market in Norway”, says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager, Jobmatch Sweden.

Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager, Jobmatch Sweden and Åge Skinstad, Administrative Director at Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS.

Today, Hapro in Norway has almost 30 Jobmatch certified employees. Anki Holmberg, Training Manager at Jobmatch Sweden, has trained Hapro’s employees on site. About half of them are already certified, the rest will be certified soon. With around 30 Jobmatch certified employees and five offices in Norway, Hapro is in a very good position to introduce Jobmatch’s testing solutions efficiently and widely.

“Hapro has high ambitions and goals when it comes to selling Jobmatch’s testing solutions and with its large, existing network in the right industries and target groups, there is a very good basis for growth”, says Fredrik Nordén.

Even before the official launch on the Norwegian market, Hapro has noticed that customers are curious and interested in Jobmatch and have already invested in reaching out widely and effectively, including having already hired a full-time person, Lena Nynes, who will work dedicatedly with Jobmatch in Norway.

“We have hired Lena Nynes as head of the Jobmatch initiative in Norway. In addition, we have around 30 employees in Hapro who are already certified in Jobmatch’s testing solutions. Our network in the industry covers a large part of the Norwegian labour market and we already have a large trust capital, which is a very good starting point for success”, says Åge Skinstad, Administrative Director at Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS.

For Jobmatch Sweden it is important to have a good match on several levels when entering into partnerships with new organisations. It is about market conditions, geographical factors and business models, but other values are also important.

“For us, it is important that our values also permeate the corporate and business culture of our partners. Jobmatch places great value on ambition, will and a go-get mentality and with Hapro we have really found the needle in the haystack.”

Hapro’s management and employees show tremendous commitment to the new venture. A big reason that Hapro has chosen to partner with Jobmatch is that the range of services and solutions are packaged in a way that makes the total offering ready to roll out.

“When selecting a testing tool that would fit into our service offering, it was important for us to find a partner with values that align with Hapro’s. From the very first meeting with Klaus Olsen and Fredrik Nordén, it was clear that this was a good match. The quality of the testing solutions combined with a great commitment and a genuine desire to help people find the right place in life contributed greatly to our choice of Jobmatch Sweden as our partner,” says Åge Skinstad, Administrative Director at Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS.

The agreement came into force in September 2022.

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Hapro’s employees beeing certified in Jobmatch Talent.