20 October 2022

Jobmatch Talent certified for Norway

After eight intensive months, the Jobmatch Talent personality test has been certified by DNV for Norway.

“For the Norwegian recruitment market, it is now confirmed that Jobmatch Talent has a uniquely high predictive validity,” says Klaus Olsen, CEO of Jobmatch Sweden.

Following guidelines set by the European Federation of Psychologists, EFPA, the certification company DNV has conducted a rigorous certification process of the Jobmatch Talent recruitment test for the Norwegian market. This means that DNV verifies that the test measures what it is supposed to measure. The certification process is extensive and time-consuming, with a lot of documentation and conducting various studies to ensure the quality of the results. For Jobmatch Talent, the certification process in Norway took eight months.

“Proving that a test can actually predict how a candidate will perform after being hired is technically and psychometrically challenging, but thanks to the certification, we now know that Jobmatch Talent is one of the few recruitment tests in the world that can do so. This is particularly important to be able to demonstrate now that we are investing in the Norwegian market,” says Klaus Olsen.

Through DNV, Jobmatch Talent is now also certified for Norwegian users. For the Swedish market, Jobmatch Talent has been certified since 2015. For quality reasons, the certification is time-limited and for Jobmatch Talent in Sweden it has been renewed twice and is valid until 2026. The Norwegian certification is valid until 2027.

“We have just started cooperation with the Norwegian company Hapro Jobb och Karriär. We know that Jobmatch Talent has a uniquely predictive validity in selecting the right candidates for its clients. For Hapro and their clients, it is a mark of quality that the test has now also been validated in Norway in DNV’s comprehensive and independent review,” says Klaus Olsen, CEO of Jobmatch Sweden.

The following standards have been applied in the certification process:

– EFPA (2013), EFPA Test Review Model Version 4.2.6

– NS-EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012

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