6 February 2023

Jobmatch Sweden invests heavily in Finland, launches new partnership with FCG

Jobmatch Sweden has signed a partnership agreement with FCG, Finnish Consulting Group, with the aim of establishing the test system Jobmatch Talent in Finland. Through FCG’s customer channels, Jobmatch will have access to over 90 percent of the Finnish public sector.

”FCG meets all our requirements for an international business partner, they have an extensive network, a well-developed and nationally comprehensive organization with high competence”, says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager, Jobmatch Sweden.

The Finnish market will now have better access to Jobmatch Talent, with the agreement between Jobmatch Sweden Misa Leiber på FCG och Fredrik Nordén på Jobmatch and FCG, a Finnish social development consultancy firm with over 700 employees in over 70 countries and a turnover of EUR 71 million. FCG’s business area, Recruitment and HR software solutions, which employs around 50 people, provides HR services and recruitment solutions to the Finnish public sector. FCG has about 400 clients, which represents 90 percent of the market.

”The partnership agreement gives FCG the exclusive right to sell and market Jobmatch’s test solutions and services to the entire Finnish public sector. It will be a complementary tool to streamline recruitment, on-boarding and employee adaptation.”

In Sweden, almost half of the country’s municipalities and a large number of public authorities, all of which work with transition, are customers of Jobmatch. In the Norwegian market, Hapro Jobb & Karriere AS, which is owned by, among others, a number of municipalities, markets Jobmatch’s testing solutions.

“One of the reasons that so many municipalities and public authorities choose Jobmatch testing solutions is the high predictive validity, which is proven to streamline recruitment processes. In addition, Jobmatch is certified by DNV.”

FCG has developed Kuntarekry, a digital recruitment platform, which has been a one-stop solution for recruitment to the public sector for over ten years and is used by both employers and job seekers. The service has more than one million registered users annually, which corresponds to about one-fifth of Finland’s population.

”With Kuntarekry we have already digitalized the recruitment and job search process and by adding Jobmatch’s range of test solutions we can offer even better tools for long-term staffing,” says Misa Leiber, Vice President, Recruitment and HR software solutions business area, FCG.

Jobmatch believes that the partner agreement with FCG offers great opportunities for long-term growth.

”We are actively looking for partners where Jobmatch can add value and complement an existing and strong business offer. We are convinced that FCG is the right partner to establish Jobmatch as the leading recruitment testing brand in the Finnish market,” says Klaus Olsen, CEO, Jobmatch Sweden.

For further information

Klaus Olsen, CEO Jobmatch Sweden, 46 (0) 70 190 20 40, klaus.olsen@jobmatchtalent.com

Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager Jobmatch Sweden, 46 (0) 70 754 54 53, fredrik.norden@jobmatchtalent.com
Magnus Sjöbäck, Press Officer Jobmatch Sweden, 46 (0) 70 445 15 99, magnus.sjoback@greatness.se