18 April 2023

Jobmatch Sweden now represented throughout Scandinavia – signs partnership with Danish Moving Talent

Jobmatch Sweden has now signed a partnership agreement with the Danish recruitment company Moving Talent, which will have the exclusive right to offer Jobmatch’s DNV-certified organizational psychological test system on the Danish market.

“Moving Talent is just the right partner for Jobmatch, they work with many different industries and deliver high quality candidates to their customers. The partnership is part of our continued expansion in Europe,” says Klaus Olsen, CEO of Jobmatch Sweden.

Kenneth Oldenburg, CEO Moving Talent and Klaus Olsen, CEO Jobmatch Sweden.

Jobmatch Sweden aims to expand its operations internationally. For the Danish market, a partnership has now been established with the recruitment company Moving Talent, which has the exclusive right to offer the Jobmatch Talent test system in Denmark.

Through the collaboration with Jobmatch Sweden, Moving Talent can now use the occupational psychology and DNV-certified personality test Jobmatch Talent in connection with recruitment for customers.

“Our customers have high demands, Jobmatch Talent adds both weight and validity to our offer. Now we can offer customers something completely new, which gives us additional competitiveness and opportunities to grow,” says Kenneth Oldenburg, CEO of Moving Talent.

The fact that Jobmatch Talent is certified by DNV and is scientifically developed for use in recruitment and has a strong focus on assessing job performance are contributing reasons why Moving Talent chose Jobmatch Sweden.

“Our customers are largely in the university and research world. They look for scientifically based recruitment tests that focus on job performance, not just personality. With Jobmatch Talent in our portfolio, we will be able to approach a broader customer segment.”

The Danish recruitment market is very similar to the Swedish one and is growing steadily. Jobmatch and Moving Talent share the goal of growing into more markets.

“Jobmatch Talent is incredibly appreciated by our users and the result of hard work and research over several years. Both Moving Talent and Jobmatch Talent have the same driving forces, which makes this a good match. Together we have good conditions for increasing our market share in Europe,” says Klaus Olsen, CEO of Jobmatch Sweden.

Moving Talent is aimed at companies looking for specific, often niche skills, such as specialists, managers and academics. The company is present throughout the Nordic region and works mainly with technology and fast-growing companies and is the market leader in Denmark within recruitment and staffing of international congresses and events.

In October 2022 and February 2023, Jobmatch entered into partnerships with Norwegian Hapro Jobb og Karriere AS and Finnish FCG, Finnish Consulting Group. With the partnership with Moving Talent, Jobmatch is now present in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.