8 December 2023

Jobmatch Sweden enters the German market, partners with Rebel Recruiting

Personality tests are used to a much lesser extent in German companies than in Swedish ones when recruiting. Now Jobmatch Sweden sees opportunities to grow strongly in a market ten times larger than the Swedish one.

“Occupational psychological tests with high predictive validity, such as Jobmatch Talent, are lacking in Germany and other European countries. The cooperation agreement with Rebel Recruiting is the first step towards a broad European initiative,” says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager Jobmatch Sweden and Felix Schorre, CEO Rebel Recruiting.

Over the past year, Jobmatch Sweden has entered strategic business partnerships in Norway, Denmark, and Finland. With the partnership agreement with German Rebel Recruiting, the company has begun a growth journey throughout Europe.

“Rebel Recruiting is just the right partner to market Jobmatch Talent. They have high market knowledge, a strong network in HR and great ambitions. We take a long-term view of the partnership and hope to grow together.

Rebel Recruiting was founded in 2017, is headquartered in Cologne and focuses on technology and marketing companies throughout Germany.

“We want to create the perfect match between companies and job seekers. That’s how we help people have a better life and companies become more successful,” says Felix Schorre, CEO of Rebel Recruiting.

Jobmatch Talent has high predictive validity

Unique to Jobmatch Talent is that the test focuses on job performance and has high predictive validity. Personality tests in recruitment are already used by many companies in Germany, but the market is not as mature as in Sweden.

“There are several other global players in Germany, but they are often focused on personality analysis. Jobmatch Talent has a clear work-life focus that analyses the test taker based on their actual professional character,” says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

More than 40,000 Jobmatch Talent tests are conducted annually, something the company expects to be able to deliver in Germany within a couple of years. Felix Schorre at Rebel Recruiting is very positive about the partnership:

“Jobmatch will help make our own services better, we will work both towards our main sectors of technology and marketing companies, and find new customers. We have tested the tool ourselves and are impressed with how well it matches reality,” says Felix Schorre, CEO of Rebel Recruiting.

“Recruitment errors are expensive for companies. Both Jobmatch and Rebel Recruiting are innovative and deliver solutions that offer a more efficient and faster recruitment process than the services available,” says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

About Jobmatch Talent

Jobmatch Talent is an occupational psychology test for recruitment and development, both for individual employees and managers, as well as for groups. The test is reviewed and certified by DNV and developed to predict actual job performance.

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