8 April 2024

Jobmatch continues its expansion in Finland – new partnership with Career.fi Group

Jobmatch Sweden has now signed a partnership agreement with the Finnish personnel house Career.fi Group. Jobmatch sees great potential in Finland where occupational psychometric tests are common in recruitment.

“Jobmatch Talent is a Nordic-based test with high predictive validity. Rapidly growing Career.fi Group has an established network and great ambitions, which are now strengthened with Jobmatch”, says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden and Heidi Alariesto, CEO of Career.fi Group.

Finnish Career.fi Group is a recruitment and staffing company with soft values that helps identify qualified candidates for various professional roles through local proximity to companies. The psychometric test, Jobmatch Talent, is now integrated into the company’s services and will be used to ensure the skills, abilities, and competencies of job seekers.

“Misrecruitments entail problems and high costs for both employers and employees. With Jobmatch tests, we can increase accuracy and ensure that our clients find the right people. The tests will also be used to promote team dynamics and collaboration skills in workplaces”, says Heidi Alariesto, CEO of Career.fi Group.

Career.fi Group will also offer Jobmatch’s tests to HR specialists at small and medium-sized companies, with the goal of eventually including larger companies in the future.

“Unique to Jobmatch is that it is a Nordic test, with reference groups from the Nordic market. This makes it suitable in Finland, where psychometric tests are common in recruitment.”

With the partnership agreement, Career.fi Group hopes to grow significantly in the Finnish market.

“We chose Jobmatch after testing the tool ourselves and were very impressed. Now we can offer companies an even more reliable and affordable method for recruitment.”

Career.fi Group is the company’s second partner in Finland. In 2023, Jobmatch signed an agreement with FCG, Finnish Consulting Group, which focuses on the public sector.

“Our ambition is primarily to educate the market about Jobmatch Talent, which is a test specially adapted for work performance and has high accuracy”, says Fredrik Nordén.

About Jobmatch Talent

Jobmatch Talent (JMT) is a comprehensive precision test for recruitment and development, for both individual employees and managers as well as groups. JMT is certified by the world-leading certification body DNV, with a predictive validity of 0.63, which is higher than any other test in the Swedish market. Read more here: jobmatchtalent.com/testing-solutions

About Jobmatch Sweden

Jobmatch Sweden is a leading player in Sweden in the development of advanced recruitment technology and offers solutions designed to optimize the recruitment process. With a focus on predictive validity and a user-friendly platform, Jobmatch provides companies with tools that enable well-informed and efficient hiring decisions. Read more here: jobmatchtalent.com/

About Career.fi Group

Career.fi Group is a staffing house that is based on soft values, with believe that people should be at the center of the staffing industry. Career.fi Group offers recruitment and HR solutions to large and small companies in the Finnish and Nordic markets. The company’s services include reorientation, leadership development, skills development, career counseling, and training. Read more here: career.fi/

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Klaus Olsen, CEO Jobmatch Sweden, 46 (0)70-190 20 40, klaus.olsen@jobmatchtalent.com
Magnus Sjöbäck, press contact Jobmatch Sweden, 46 (0)70-445 15 99, magnus.sjoback@greatness.se