14 May 2024

Jobmatch in new partnership with Apsa: “Will change the labor market in Austria”

The shortage of qualified professionals in sectors such as IT and finance has contributed to a competitive environment in the Austrian labor market. Now Jobmatch Sweden and the Austrian recruitment company Apsa have entered into a strategic partnership to help companies attract new employees.

“We believe that Jobmatch, with its innovative testing methodology, is exceptionally suited to meet the market’s challenges,” says Alfons Fanta, Managing Director at Apsa.

Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden and Alfons Fanta Managing Director at Apsa.

Apsa is one of Austria’s leading recruitment companies focusing on the IT sector. The company has partnered with Jobmatch Sweden, where the psychometric test Jobmatch Talent will be used to support existing and new clients’ recruitment processes and ensure they find the right candidates.

“We had five members of our team take the test, where the accuracy and relevance of the results were crucial in initiating a partnership. Unlike traditional personality tests, the analysis from Jobmatch leads to a unique blend of personal insights with job profiles, providing a comprehensive picture that aligns perfectly with our operations,” says Alfons Fanta at Apsa.

Apsa is the first to introduce the tests in Austria, making it a strategically important step in Jobmatch’s continued expansion.

“Austria is an exciting market with great potential. The country is often seen as a gateway to Eastern Europe, and with our future plans to establish operations further east, this is a natural starting point. Here, we want to show that there are tests that work, and Jobmatch Talent delivers one of the highest predictive validity in the world,” says Fredrik Nordén, Globalization Manager at Jobmatch Sweden.

With the partnership with Apsa, Jobmatch is now represented in nine countries. These include Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Malta, Mexico, Luxembourg, and now Austria.

About Jobmatch Talent

Jobmatch Talent (JMT) is an in-depth precision test for recruitment and development, both for individual employees and managers as well as for groups. JMT is certified by the world’s leading certification body DNV, with a predictive validity of 0.63, which is higher than any other test on the Swedish market. Read more here.


About Jobmatch Sweden

Jobmatch Sweden is a leading player in Sweden in the development of advanced recruitment technology, offering solutions designed to optimize the recruitment process. With a focus on predictive validity and user-friendly platform, Jobmatch provides companies with tools to make well-informed and effective hiring decisions.


About Apsa

Apsa is a recruitment company based in Austria. The company caters to both companies and candidates by offering services in IT and other service sectors such as finance, HR, and marketing. The company also offers recruitment from countries outside the EU. Read more here.