JobMatch Sweden is a highly innovative company within the field of work-related psychometric testing. We offer our customers a complete online Human Resource test system for recruitment, employee, career- and executive development.

We are looking for professional and ambitious business partners outside Sweden who are interested in new business opportunities. Perhaps you are considering developing an entire new business area or simply expanding and broadening your current product portfolio into new markets.

As a JobMatch Business partner you have the exclusive rights to build your business around the JobMatch HR-test system, which includes our top of the range DNV-certified HR-testing tool.

JobMatch is based in Sweden – a country know for reliability, professionalism and quality. We are a stable and a completely self-financed company with many years of experience within the field of HR and recruitment.

Sweden has some of the strongest labour laws in the world, which makes it very important for Swedish organisations to get the right person to the right position. It is in this environment that JobMatch has been developed.

The result is a very accurate test system, with extraordinary high predictive validity and sophisticated job matching functions.

JobMatch delivers proven superior and innovative methods of recruitment assessments – welcome to the future of personality analysis and job matching.

Why become a JobMatch Business partner?

  1. Enjoy a ready-to-go business model – fast to market 
  2. Add an additional service to your company’s current customer offerings 
  3. Establish a new revenue stream with fast steady growth  
  4. Gain market value of your company by having DNV certified services in your portfolio. 

JobMatch – a proven business concept

Our market leading products have helped us to grow rapidly and our revenue has doubled in a very short period of time. We have recently established distributor partnerships with market leaders in Finland and Norway and believe that we could have a similar success and achieve rapid growth in other European countries.

Why our customers choose us

  1. The system automatically matches the individual analysis with job positions and predicts performance.
  2. JobMatch Talent has extremely high Predictive Validity (test accuracy), quite possibly the highest in the world. (See our website:, science section).
  3. More efficient and cost-effective recruitment process, with extraordinarily accurate staffing decisions.
  4. User-friendly system and fast service-oriented support.
  5. Pedagogic and easy to understand test result for the user as well as the testtaker.

Over 1,000 large and small private companies use JobMatch, with 40,000 test-takers from all over the world annually. About half of Sweden’s municipalities and many of Sweden’s government organisations use JobMatch.


Our typical business partner is likely to be a major player in the field of HR and/or recruitment in their country, with a strong market position in the public- and/or private sector.

Our potential partners will be those with the experience and ambition to build up and run their own company. They will have the resources to develop their market reach via a sales and service-oriented organisation.

Our partners must be very focused on quality, service and customer experience and have a strong vision for expansion.

What do you get?

Your main services will be focused on promoting our online test system, where your customers will have access to the different test tools in the JobMatch test system.

We will provide you with a complete online product and service package already prepared for your organisation, so your team can focus on building up the business. And better still, you won’t need to think of product development or managing servers, as we will provide you and your customers with all necessary online systems.

As our partner, we will train and certify your team in the JobMatch HR-test system and give you all the support you need to get the best start in your new field of business. 


If you are interested and think you qualify as our new business partner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Globalisation manager, Fredrik Nordén.