Information about the Processing of Personal Data – JobMatch Talent

This is the terms that the testtakers accept before doing the JobMatch Talent test.

Your personal integrity and the processing of your personal data are important. To make you feel comfortable registering your information, we want to inform you about how it’s treated.

1.0 Parties

1.1 Test Taker: You, who submit your personal data when conducting this JobMatch test online.

1.2 Data Controller: The company/organization on whose behalf you are taking this JobMatch test.

1.3 Data Processor: JobMatch Sweden AB, the company administering the testing through the JobMatch online testing system.

2.0 Background

The purpose of this information is to let you, as a Test Taker, know how we, as a Data Processor, handle your personal data in connection with the testing.

3.0 Processing of Personal Data

3.1 The Data Controller is only entitled to process the Test Taker’s provided personal data in relation to the purpose for which the Test Taker has conducted the test.

3.2 When the Data Controller sends a test link to the Test Taker, their name or given pseudonym is registered in the JobMatch online testing system. Email addresses and, if applicable, mobile numbers are registered for sending out the test link and are pseudonymized when the Test Taker submits the completed test questions.

3.3 Test responses are recorded in the JobMatch online testing system in such a way that the Data Controller, i.e., the organization on whose behalf you are conducting the test, does not have access to your answers.

3.4 The Data Controller has access to the test results and is entitled to share this information with other individuals, provided it is relevant to the purpose of the testing. These individuals typically include managers, recruiting managers, and HR personnel.

3.5 In cases where the Data Controller wants to use the data or test results for other purposes, you as the Test Taker must first give your consent.

3.6 The JobMatch online testing system automatically pseudonymizes your contact information as soon as you submit your test responses. The personal data registered in the system is your name, or a pseudonym given by the test administrator (usually a numeric and alphanumeric code), and gender and age if you have shared that information.

3.7 All personal data is stored on encrypted servers within the EU/EEA.

3.8 JobMatch Sweden AB, as the Data Processor, retains Test Takers’ responses in our database in pseudonymized or anonymized form and may use these responses for research and statistical purposes. Under these circumstances, test responses are always anonymized and not linked to physical individuals.

4.0 Types of Personal Data Processed

4.1 All personal data recorded and stored in the JobMatch online testing system.

4.2 This may include names, gender, age, test responses, and test results.

5.0 Test Taker’s Rights

You always have the right to access the Data Controller’s data protection policy. Contact the Data Controller or search for information on their website if you want to know how your personal data is processed. The following is a summary of what applies:

5.1 The Test Taker has the right to cancel the test at any time. However, this may affect the purpose of the test.

5.2 The Test Taker has the right to request correction of personal data from the Data Controller.

5.3 The Test Taker has the right to request deletion of their personal data from the Data Controller.

5.4 The Test Taker has the right to object to the Data Controller.

5.5 The Test Taker has the right to have their personal data pseudonymized so that there is no direct link between the test results and the Test Taker.

5.6 For points 5.2 – 5.5, the Test Taker should contact the Data Controller, i.e., the company/organization on whose behalf the Test Taker is conducting the test.

5.7 Test Takers have the right to access their JobMatch Talent results. This can be obtained by the Test Taker via a link provided in the email to the Test Taker before the test. If this link is missing, the Test Taker has the right to receive the Test Taker’s reports from the Data Controller without undue delay and no later than 30 days from the request. However, you must be able to provide your test ID (see email with test link) so that the Data Controller can identify your result.

5.8 The Data Controller should respond to requests within one month and provide a justification if it does not intend to fulfill such requests.

5.9 Limitation: The rights do not include reference guides, interview guides, or summaries, as disclosure of these reports would adversely affect the purpose of the test and the business agreement between the Data Controller and the Data Processor. For more information, see Basic (63) and Article 15, Right of Access by the Data Subject, point 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679.

6.0 Profiling

6.1 As a Test Taker, you agree that profiling may occur. However, it is not usual for Test Takers’ JobMatch Talent results to be used in automated processing, assessment, or profiling with subsequent decisions without personal contact. To object or challenge such decisions, if they still occur, Test Takers have the right to contact the Data Controller, express their views, and receive an explanation for the decision made.