How Hässleholm Municipality finds the right candidates with Jobmatch Talent

With the help of Jobmatch Talent, Hässleholm Municipality selects the right candidates for managerial and specialist positions. The Jobmatch Feedback service saves time in the analysis work and ensures the quality of the recruitment process.

“Don’t go by gut feeling when recruiting”, says Katarina Borg, HR specialist.  

Hässleholm is the fifth largest municipality in Swedish county Skåne, in terms of population. The municipality’s social administration strives to work cost-effectively and with quality assurance, which is also reflected in the recruitment process. In connection with recruitment of managers and certain specialist functions, the recruitment test Jobmatch Talent is used.

“We use competency-based recruitment to avoid going by gut instinct when recruiting.  Using high quality personality tests from Jobmatch helps to ensure that we hire the right candidates. It has happened that someone doesn’t recognise themselves in the test results, but usually the candidate says that the test matches their own perception of how they function,” says Katarina Borg, HR specialist at Hässleholm Social Services, who has many years of experience of working with various tests.

Hässleholm municipality has also chosen to purchase Jobmatch Talent including the Feedback service from Jobmatch. This means that the municipality does not have to do the analysis itself but receives a completed report with the candidate presented. The report presents the candidates in a structured way, with headings and characteristics that make it easy to take in the information to make a selection or plan an interview.

“With feedback directly from Jobmatch, we get a professional review of the results and a comprehensive analysis that can be used throughout the process. In addition, the consistency of the analysis ensures the quality of the recruitment process. Each recruitment process is, so to speak, similar to the other, which creates security and consensus within the organisation,” says Katarina Borg.

The cooperation between Jobmatch and the municipality of Hässleholm began in 2018, and around 40 managerial recruitments were made in 2021. Katarina Borg says that she uses Jobmatch Talent an average of ten times in a year.

“It is important to choose tools based on science. Jobmatch Talent has a high predictive validity, is certified by DNV and is very accurate. Both in terms of finding the right candidate and screening out those who are not suitable for the position. In addition, it is very convenient to work with Jobmatch consultants in cases where I need to delve deeper into a particular area of the candidate report. All Jobmatch consultants have a high level of knowledge and experience and can always help us further if needed. This, and the always pleasant and service-oriented approach from Jobmatch, makes the recruitment process easier for me and for the recruitment process in general,” says Katarina Borg.