Sandström’s business coaching develops leaders with the help of Jobmatch Talent

Entrepreneur and coach Ulf Sandström has many years of experience working with Jobmatch Talent and uses the tool daily. As a central part of his training, he uses Jobmatch test tools in everything from negotiation techniques to employee and leadership development.

– All participants complete a Talent test to gain greater self-awareness of their personal qualities, but also to better understand the strengths of their colleagues, says Ulf Sandström, self-employed.

Ulf Sandström, self-employed. Photo: Maria Fäldt.

Ulf Sandström has almost thirty years of experience working in various leadership roles. He has mainly been involved in forestry and developed businesses and business leaders within the member organization SMF Skogsentreprenörer. Ulf has also worked as CEO of the organization, before he decided in 2014 to start Sandström’s business coaching (Sandströms Företagscoaching).

Ulf has long been an active Jobmatch user who has utilized thousands of tests over the years.

– The first time I came into contact with Jobmatch was in 2007. I wanted help with performance reviews for the staff at my then workplace. Many people use Jobmatch purely for recruitment purposes, but I have always seen it as a very versatile tool, says Ulf Sandström.

The results become the basis for the training courses

The DNV-certified organizational psychological test system JobMatch Talent can be used for recruitment and employee development at all levels. Ulf Sandström starts the training sessions by having each participant complete a test. Since the Jobmatch Talent service creates an auto-generated report, the results can be used immediately.

– For me, team development is about creating understanding and consensus with each other, which comes from understanding both your own and the group’s characteristics. The tests become the basis for the training where I describe different requirement profiles, how they are developed and what the different values mean.

– It is important to note that there is no “good” or “bad” test result, but the reports only show how differently strong our characteristics are.

Using the tests to develop negotiation techniques

Gaining self-awareness of your strengths can be crucial in internal and external negotiations, which is another benefit of using Jobmatch Talent, says Ulf.

– I usually start from three points in negotiation techniques: Preparation, Implementation and Follow-up. With the report from Jobmatch Talent as support, we look at each participant’s opportunity to strengthen negotiation techniques, among other things, by using more of their strongest qualities. Using Jobmatch in preparation for negotiations has proven to be worth its weight in gold and has produced good results for many of the business leaders I have helped.

The results from Jobmatch Talent are extensively documented, which companies and employees can benefit from for several years. Many organizations have therefore chosen to continue using Jobmatch services after courses at Sandström’s business coaching.

– I have met many people who have been completely enthusiastic about Jobmatch and use the results for a long time after my courses. Very much internally in the form of work development conversations, but also for recruitment purposes. I know of no other test on the market that provides such detailed information.

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