We help people with disabilities to find work

Few organisation in the field of rehabilitation make use of personality tests, but Sjuhärad Coordinating Association has used JobMatch Talent for several years. The results speak for themselves with many participants having received support on their path to a new job.

– We have noticed that JobMatch Talent offers a valuable support to our participants. The test report is also a great help to employers who receive a clear work profile of the person they appoint, for example they can see their motivations and how a candidate works under stress, says Pernilla Andersson, deputy association chair for Sjuhärad Coordinating Association.

Pernilla Andersson, Biträdande förbundschef Sjusam Sjuhärad Coordinating Association has for many years worked to change employers’ attitudes by demonstrating the valuable resource that unemployed people with different disabilities can be and that the world of work needs these people. The leadership decided to use JobMatch Talent to match people with the right role and employer through the PULS project financed by the European Social Fund, ESF.

– Many people we work with often have low self-confidence and self-esteem due to the many obstacles they have faced during their lives and the difficulties of finding their place in the employment market. JobMatch Talent makes it easier for participants to find both the right profession and employer.

What Sjuhärad Coordinating Association values most is that JobMatch Talent has such a clear work focus, is pedagogical in both how it is set up and the text as well as focusing on the strengths of the individual.  It also highlights what may be challenging in various professional roles. Currently, approximately 200 of the Association’s participants complete the JobMatch Talent test annually.

– Many participants have previously felt they weren’t good enough so the opening up of new opportunities with the help of JobMatch Talent means that for the first time in many people’s lives they feel ‘I am right and have found the right place for me’.

The staff working at the association have also completed the test and the results have been used successfully for team development, which has increased both productivity and job satisfaction.

– We value the fact that JobMatch Talent is scientifically certified by DNV and that there is detailed evidence-based documentation on its validity and reliability.

Over the years, Sjuhärad Coordinating Association has helped 100s of people back into work after many years of unemployment and being signed off sick.

– All those who move on to working life feel much better, it is fantastic that a personality test can be such an important piece of the puzzle to find the right employment, concludes Pernilla Andersson, deputy association chair for Sjuhärad Coordinating Association.

About Sjuhärad Coordinating Association
Sjuhärad Coordinating Association is a partnership of the Employment Service, Social Security, West Götaland region and eight municipalities in Sjuhärad which supports people who need coordinated efforts to find their way into work. The activities funded by the Association use different methods and tools to ease the path into work.