WRKFRC uses Jobmatch Talent every day: “A tool we completely trust”

The recruitment company WRKFRC has been working with Jobmatch Talent for many years, in everything from recruitment and staffing to team building and internal recruitment. Johan Salinder is the recruitment manager at Wrkfrc and could not imagine working without the testing solutions from Jobmatch.

– When we help our clients find candidates, we go in-depth and are very personal. Jobmatch Talent helps us evaluate work performance and strengthen our experience with additional facts, and thus deliver the highest quality, says Johan Salinder, recruitment manager at Wrkfrc.

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Wrkfrc works with recruitment and staffing of all types of jobs within Swedish industry. From the warehouse and the assembly line to the finance office, the development department and the boardroom. Founded in 2008, today the company has some of the Gothenburg area’s largest industrial companies as repeat customers and helps companies all over Sweden with recruitment.

With personal commitment and interest in people, Wrkfrc wants to offer perfect matches for both employers and employees.

– We try to see to the customers’ real needs, which are not always what they express or describe. It is important to create a match that will be perfect for both parties; which also builds a long-term perspective in our business, with satisfied customers and employees.

Uses Jobmatch Talent almost every day

The DNV-certified organizational psychological test system Jobmatch Talent is an in-depth precision test that, with 30 work-related characteristics, provides a nuanced and in-depth picture of the test taker, presented in an educational and visual way.

Wrkfrc works based on a well-proven model, where Jobmatch Talent is a perfect complement in the selection process of Wrkfrc’s candidates.

– When recruiting, we mainly use Jobmatch Talent to help evaluate the final candidates. We then review the results with the customer, where we look at attributes, properties and more.

“There are no good or bad results – it adds a great dimension”

The results are presented visually with graphs, charts and descriptive texts about the test takers.

– One of the absolute biggest advantages of Jobmatch Talent is that there are no good or bad results, it is a presentation of qualities. It gives the tool enormous dimension and potential. Therefore, it is also important that we are well trained in the tool to be able to explain and present the results to our customers in the best way.

Wrkfrc also helps companies with team building and internal recruitment with Jobmatch Talent.

– For example, when we help a management team to collaborate better, everyone gets to do Jobmatch Talent. It helps them understand why colleagues react in a certain way and what motivates them.

–  We also have several customers who contact us when they need to carry out internal recruitment. Then we let the candidates complete the Jobmatch Talent test, which gives the company additional information in the decision-making process.

Uses Jobmatch Screen for quick results

For staffing, Wrkfrc uses Jobmatch Screen, a test that is based on the Jobmatch Talent test but is less extensive and is well suited when, for example, many individuals are to be tested and evaluated at the same time.

– Wrkfrc has worked with Jobmatch Talent since “the beginning of time” and sometimes uses it several times a day. I have previously worked as a manager and recruited many employees – but sometimes things go wrong, with Jobmatch Talent I probably wouldn’t have made the same mistake. Here we have a tool we trust completely, says Johan Salinder.

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