Our goal – committed employees through personal insight

JobMatch Sweden helps businesses get to know their employees with the help of accurate occupational psychology tests. We believe that people feel good, are committed and take responsibility to the same extent as they match the working methods that their role requires, and are given challenges that match their talents.

Our quality goal

We are inspired and motivated by being able to impress in quality and accuracy.

The JobMatch test system is marketed in Sweden by JobMatch Sweden AB and by licensed partners. Since 2000, we have conducted more than 40,000 tests for our users, who are found in all possible areas in both the private and public sectors. JobMatch Talent is also marketed through partners in Denmark and Germany and can be taken in 10 different languages.

Together we have a very well-founded and broad experience in recruitment, psychology, collaboration and the development of employees and leaders.

We all share a common interest and place great value on our ability to help employees, companies and organisations to develop positively.