Client testimonials

Our over 1700 active users are in both the private and public sectors. This is what some of them have to say about JobMatch Talent…

“We place great emphasis on our recruitments. Having the right tools to ensure the quality of the process is important. That’s why we use JobMatch Talent.”

Lena Westman, HR Manager, SCA SKOG AB

“Jobmatch Talent is an important part of our comprehensive and strategic competence management of managers as well as for finding and constantly improving our managers in the best possible way.”

Martin Lagerström, Head of Manager development, SCB

“With the help of the Team Report, we gained insight into how we can work more efficiently in the group, as well as how collaboration between the manager and employees can be improved.”

Jan Olofsson, Administration Manager, Vindeln municipality

“We often use JobMatch Talent in recruiting because we have seen very good validity, and the test results provide us with a good basis for further interviews. The test is also highly appreciated by the participants as the analyses give a broad picture of the person tested.”

Ellinor Dahlvid, HR Manager, Autoprenad AB

“We use Jobmatch Talent to recruit different staff categories and can customise the profile ourselves of the role we want to fill. In addition, we receive valuable help in reading the test results. We also use Jobmatch Talent to aid the personal development of our staff.”

Conny Peterson, Chief Operating Officer, Värends Räddningstjänst

“JobMatch Talent is a very good test, it is very detailed and gives us a clear picture of the candidate.”

Susanne Wilholm, HR Partner, Uddevalla municipality

“The educational approach of JobMatch Talent has made it much easier for me to work with coaching managers.”

Lisbeth Lundblad Ångman, Lima Ledarskap.

“The accuracy of the JobMatch Talent test has made me more targeted and effective than before – both in career coaching and team development.”

Adela Carlsson, POW Zoulution Sweden

“Given the simplicity and the relatively short time a test takes, the result is impressive. During interviews with applicants, you can ask more relevant questions based on your analysis.”

Accuracy: 90%

Head of department, Tyréns AB

“Professional, service-oriented and competent staff who provide a unique recruitment tool!”

Accuracy: 80%

Finance Manager, Hydro Building Systems AB

“Very good, high availability, good attitude, good skills.”

Accuracy: 90 %

Personnel Manager, Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland

“Good attitude, fast service, good follow-up with clear briefings and information. Good reference questions.”

Accuracy: 100%

Administrative Manager, Vadstena municipality

“The accuracy is what’s great. People are surprised at how accurate it is in terms of how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them.”

Accuracy: 80%

Professional Training Manager, Statistics Sweden

“Very satisfied. Clear documents and good feedback. Simplified recruitment decision.”

Accuracy: 80 %

Operations Manager, Arvika municipality