28 Sep

JobMatch Talent’s predictive validity

Psychology and Behavioral Science, International Journal has published a study on JobMatch Talent’s predictive validity. The study shows that JobMatch Talent’s predictive validity – ie the test’s ability to predict work performance is far above what other psychological tests have documented. Professor Emeritus Trevor Archer from the University of Gothenburg believes that predictive validity is Read more…

21 Sep

JobMatch Talent available in yet another language

We continue to expand the availability of the JobMatch Talent test. Now the personality test is also available in Turkish. The international demand for JobMatch talent is ever increasing. Earlier this year, the availability of the JobMatch Talent test increased as five more languages were added – Arabic, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish – and Read more…

6 Dec

Dagens Nyheter writes about JobMatch Talent study

Dagens Nyheter draws attention to a new study conducted by the Police’s National Operations Department in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and JobMatch Sweden. Dr Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén has led the study and tells DN that the results show that Sweden’s police chiefs fail in qualities related to social competence. “As a manager, you are Read more…

Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén
4 Dec

Swedish police chiefs lack social skills

A new study shows that Sweden’s police chiefs rank lower than both business and public sector managers in trust, tolerance and relationship-building qualities. The three properties are linked to people’s social skills. “Social skills are important for well-functioning leadership. The fact that Sweden’s police chiefs have these shortcomings is serious,” says Dr Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén, Read more…

20 Sep

SCB increases its use of JobMatch Talent

Statistics Sweden is using JobMatch Talent more than ever. Whether it is for recruitment, competence development or management support, the occupational psychology personality test is an important part of the authority’s strategic work. In addition, SCB, together with JobMatch Sweden, has trained four employees to use, interpret and analyse the results. “We have relied on Read more…

Ny studie: Kan JobMatch Talent förutse personlig utveckling
15 Sep

Different driving forces between male and female leadership

There are very few differences between male and female leadership styles; there is a significantly greater difference between younger and older managers, for example. What a new study from the University of Gothenburg on the personality test JobMatch Talent shows is that the underlying driving forces are all the more different. These insights can help Read more…

JobMatch Talent
26 Jun

New JobMatch Talent study presented at international criminology conference

Researcher Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén presented her studies, conducted with the help of JobMatch Talent, on leadership in the police force during a panel session at the Stockholm Criminology Symposium from 19 to 21 June. Her lecture is based on both previous and future studies on police leadership, where the material consists of managerial responses to Read more…

Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén
10 May

The research project that helps the police develop better leadership skills

In order to develop Sweden’s police organisation, the evaluation function at the Police’s National Operations Department, NOA, has carried out several part-studies on the leadership skills of Sweden’s police chiefs since 2012. In the latest study, three key leadership qualities of Swedish police chiefs – stress tolerance, internal drive and entrepreneurship – are measured by analysing Read more…

17 Jan

More and more municipalities and authorities use JobMatch Talent

JobMatch Talent is one of two personality tests to have been certified by DNV-GL for the Swedish market. This has led to more and more of Sweden’s municipalities using the test for recruitment, skills development and leadership development. “We have used JobMatch Talent in our municipality for nearly ten years and it is an important Read more…