Examples of different results

The JobMatch Talent system can be used at all levels of your organisation. When recruiting, the result is specifically adapted to showing the factors that are important for making the right decision.


It is important that sales people have the ability to create good relationships, as well as drive and the ability to focus on targets. Successful salespeople should also structure their work in a certain way and be disciplined.

However, very high scores under working structure could mean that the salesperson doesn’t achieve their target, but instead spends too much time on preparation, administration, etc.

In your JobMatch Centre you can use the matching tool to match 5 different categories of sellers. You can also get clear indications of the driving force, focus on results, structure and type of salesperson.

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Department managers

In the public sector, leadership can sometimes be a difficult balancing act. Managers must be able to achieve results on the one hand and, on the other, it is important that they don’t push so hard that they risk losing the support of people in the organisation.

Take the example of a school head, who needs to focus on what’s best for the students, be responsible for the teaching staff and take care of them, and also comply with the school’s regulations. They need to maintain good communication with all of these people – and then there are also the parents. You can find this special leadership style in the JobMatch Talent system.

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Site manager

With our matching tool you can choose between 30 different management styles to match a managerial candidate against. Generally, it is important that a leader can motivate and inspire, while qualities such as focusing on details should not be so pronounced. In some environments, a long-term view and strategies are prioritised, while other environments need a manager who can get results here and now.

In addition to a complete picture of how the manager will organise, drive and collaborate, you can clearly see the management style of the candidate in the management profile as well as combinations of management styles and management qualities.

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HR strategist

In an HR department, work is multifaceted and larger organisations often have a lot of specialist staff. For most functions, much focus is on responsiveness and good collaboration, while many of these roles also require the HR department to be consistent and dare to put their foot down when required, working at all levels of the organisation.

In addition, the HR department should also be able to build structures to meet long-term goals. You can read how the candidate’s qualities correspond to these requirements in the reports.

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Warehouse worker

For warehouse workers, the most important qualities are often the ability to create and maintain routines and good order and to see the big picture, even in situations where the job becomes hectic.

Qualities like being motivated to evolve, ambition and initiative can sometimes be detrimental to this role and cause the candidate to lose interest in the job unless these needs can be met. You will get a clear picture of all of this in the JobMatch Talent system.

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Administrative support

A person who is going to work with administrative support needs to be thorough, service minded and have a sense of planning and order. In addition, the person must be able to accept others giving them tasks to do.

Therefore, it is also important that the candidate does not have too much of a need to take their own initiative or to have challenging tasks, as the role may not allow much space for this.

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