Opening hours this summer: As you know, JobMatch Center is open all hours a day 365 days a year, so you can always administer your tests. We at JobMatch Sweden take vacation during week 29, 30 and 31. There will bee no times available for feedback and our suport is closed, but for urgent matters you can contact Birgitta Undhagen: or 0703 -48 13 19 during weeks 29 and 30. We at JobMatch wish you a wonderful summer!

Advanced course in JobMatch Talent

Learn more advanced interpretations of JobMatch Talent and how to use it for coaching, group development, employee appraisals, etc.

In addition to giving you more in-depth knowledge of JobMatch Talent, this advanced course focuses on providing positive feedback that inspires and opens doors for development, both for individuals and groups.

Time: One day
Requirements: 2-day basic course, certification and some experience with JMT usage (at least given feedback on three tests in educational purpose)
Price: €680 excl. VAT
Pack price for all 3 days incl. certification: €1500 excl. VAT

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