Our scientific advisors

As part of our endeavour to maintain a highly scientific level, we are linked to a number of external scientific advisors with expertise in various psychological and psychometric areas.

Bengt Jansson, D.Phil. in Psychology

Bengt Jansson – Scientific Advisor has his background as a teacher and researcher in psychometrics at Gothenburg University. He has a vast portfolio of publications. Bengt Joined us in 2013 and is today working as a scientific advisor, as well as he is deeply involved in our scientific documentations for our DNV certifications processes.

Archer Trevor, Professor emeritus Göteborgs Universitet

Trevor Archer – Senior Academic Advisor has his background as a professor in psychology at Gothenburg University for more than 20 years. He has an extensive portfolio of publications. He joined us in 2013 and is today working as our scientific advisor. He is doing research of our test and are participating in writing scientific articles about JobMatch Talent and JobMatch Logiq.

Ny studie: Kan JobMatch Talent förutse personlig utveckling