Application areas

The JobMatch test system is incredibly easy to use. You have everything available in one place in your online JobMatch Centre. It is a dynamic test system, where you choose how extensive you want your tests to be.

You can choose an in-depth and detailed test like JobMatch Talent, for use in recruitment or as a development tool. You can also choose from around ten simpler tests to match candidates to specific roles, such as within healthcare, sales, customer service and administration. You also have access to a number of screening tests and can even create your own custom screening test.

Selection and recruitment

When recruiting, you probably know what kind of person you are looking for, but how do you know that you have really found the person you need and want?

In recruitment and development, our matching function is a very effective way to see how the candidate matches a person specification. This function can also be used in career development and you can choose from over 145 different person specifications.

Group development

When working with groups, you can create different Team Reports to easily see how different employees match and complement each other.

Reference checking

When reference checking, you have access to a reference guide, where the questions are adapted to how the candidate matches the person specification, among other things.

Tool for leadership

In order to best match the manager’s leadership style to each individual employee, there are special reports for stress, motivation and a list of tips on what the candidate’s manager should think about to create the greatest possible commitment and well-being.