JobMatch Talent in selection and recruitment

When recruiting, you probably know what kind of person you are looking for, but how do you know that you have really found the person you need and want?

With JobMatch Talent we have worked to make it possible for everyone to succeed with their recruitment, by bringing an extremely advanced occupational psychology test down to a basic level so that everyone can use it – even without training.

Why you should test your candidates before interviewing

By using JobMatch Talent and testing your candidates before you meet them, you have the opportunity to customise your interview questions and you have complete guidance on what to focus on in your interviews. JobMatch Talent is a complete test tool for the entire recruitment process.

Reference checking

You can choose to produce the report called Reference Guide when checking references. Here you have a customised draft of the questions you should get an answer to.

Give your employees a good start

The smart thing about JobMatch Talent is that you have everything in one and the same test. The result is so detailed that it is not only for use during the recruitment process.

Automatic feedback to the candidate

It is not necessary for you to provide feedback to the candidate yourself. You can choose to automatically send written feedback to the candidate. This text is written directly to the candidate (using ‘you’) in a coaching manner, free of unnecessary judgements. This feedback has been tested on several thousand people with very positive results.

Use JobMatch Talent from hourly workers to management level

With over 120 different work profiles, you have the opportunity to test people from hourly workers to management level, and match different work requirements. You obtain important information that you would normally never get through interviews and CVs.

Scientifically-documented validity

In partnership with the University of Gothenburg, we have conducted various scientific studies of JobMatch Talent’s validity and ability to predict work behaviour, collaboration and performance. All of the studies show that JobMatch Talent is a test with well-founded scientific validity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You send the JobMatch Talent test to the candidates

    You log on to your client account in JobMatch Centre and from there you send the login details by email to the candidates you want to test. It takes approximately 45 minutes to answer the test’s 200 questions.

    When the candidate has completed their test, you will be notified by email. You can now log on to your JobMatch Centre and get the reports you need.

  2. You choose the detail level of the results yourself

    You now have many different reports to choose from. You can get a summary report for a quick overview of what matches and what doesn’t match. When you want to go into more detail, you can get a detailed description of everything from work structure, motivation and stress factors to driving forces, collaboration, focus on results and communication. There are also special reports about stress, motivation and leadership.

  3. Choose between 145 different person specifications

    Whether you are recruiting or testing your existing staff, choose the person specification that best fits the candidate’s role. A candidate’s result can be re-matched an unlimited number of times to more than 145 different person specifications.

  4. Interpretation help

    If you are not certified in JobMatch Talent, you can book a time for oral feedback through your client account in JobMatch Centre. You can then discuss the results with one of our specialists who will act as a sounding board as well as provide guidance and answers to your questions.

  5. Reference checking

    Use the Reference guide when you want to check references. Here you have a customised draft of the questions you should get an answer to. These questions are based on both the general qualities of the candidate and the match against the chosen work profile.