Development through personal insight

Personal insight is one of the most effective starting points in a development process and often gives better motivation and results than if you undertake a general development effort.

Own coaching: An efficient start

JobMatch Talent means that managers and employees can start their own development process themselves. It may sound like an impossible dream, but the JobMatch Talent reports are designed so that you can give them directly to the staff as soon as they complete the test.

The idea is that they will be inspired by their results and that their self-knowledge becomes more distinct, both in terms of strengths and development potentials.

Composition of groups

You use JobMatch Talent to ensure that all necessary qualities are represented in a group. Depending on the goals the team has and how they will work with deadlines, etc., these qualities may vary slightly. For example, they may include strategic thinking, drive, problem solving, initiative, collaborative ability or structure. With JobMatch Talent you will find out which qualities each individual possesses and this makes it easier for you to put together a balanced team.

Mapping of employees

When using JobMatch Talent on a workgroup, you can divide your duties more efficiently and check to see if individual employees have the ‘right’ work tasks, that is tasks they enjoy and are able to complete. You also get an idea of what motivates and stresses your staff – factors that may be worth taking into consideration to achieve the maximum possible well-being and participation. This is one way of strengthening engagement and efficiency.

Career development and reconversion

With 30 qualities and over 145 work profiles, you have every opportunity to match your employees’ working methods to different types of positions to see where the person fits in best. Here JobMatch Talent works as a tool to guide you in the right direction.

It can also help you to find your employees’ personal skills – there may be qualities you have not noticed, but that may be of great benefit to other areas of your business.

Change work

It does not always matter how enthusiastic a manager is before a change, or how amazing the goals and visions are painted as being – some people just won’t get onboard.

Before change work you can get great help from JobMatch Talent. By testing the group you get a good insight into the needs of your employees and how to accommodate them so that it is possible to make changes without anyone falling behind or digging their heels in.

Start the change process correctly – use JobMatch Talent to find out how to proceed and who you might have as proponents of your project.