Your JobMatch Centre

As a user of JobMatch Talent you get your own online account. Here you can administrate the whole test process, from sending our tests to producing the different reports. You can always access your JobMatch Centre and log on whenever you want to.


  • Send test to candidates and employees
  • Match to over 120 different work profiles
  • Candidates can automatically receive written feedback
  • Book time with us for feedback and an opportunity to bounce your ideas off us
  • JobMatch Talent, Matching tool and JobMatch Logic


Send test to candidates and employees

You can easily send login information to the people you wish to test. You choose whether to send JMT or JobMatch Logic.

The test is answered online

Candidates answer the questions online, in a clear and user-friendly system. You can pause JMT as much as you want to and then log on and continue answering the questions later on.

Match to 120 different work profiles

In JobMatch Centre you have access to the matching tool with more than 120 different work profiles. You choose the one that best matches your aims. Each person specification represents a certain way of working. For example, there are 5 different profiles for salespeople and 30 different profiles for leaders/managers.

The person specifications give you a nuanced match to specific job requirements. You can re-match a test result as many times as you want to and each time get a new unique result showing how the candidate’s own way of working matches the selected profile.

When recruiting

You have a whole series of reports that you can choose from to help you through the recruitment process. The reports describe the candidate’s working methods and what matches and does not match the work profile. You also have access to a reference guide, which gives you a tailor-made document outlining which questions you should ask when you check references.

When you want to develop, coach and lead

There are special reports that are used to develop and coach as well as guidance for the candidate’s manager.