JobMatch Career

JobMatch Career is the most advanced career guide on the market to date. It is a career test that has been developed in collaboration with some of the largest job security foundations in Sweden, and is included as an offer in their transitions process to day.

JobMatch Career shows the possibilities for employment at an individual level, based on personal motivations and characteristics. It helps, guides and gives inspiration on the route to a new role and as an element of the development process. 

The service is aimed at secondary schools and higher education, where students are choosing their careers for the first time, as well as employees and those seeking work who need inspiration to find the right new career direction. 

JobMatch Career is also the perfect too for leaders and HR working on employee- and skills development or when they are recruiting internally within the organisation.

Groundbreaking pedagogy

JobMatch Career is groundbreaking in its pedagogical and illustrative approach. We have been able to scale down advanced algorithms to a simple and easy-to-understand interactive online service, where users can begin to explore their career opportunities immediately after filling in the questions. No training is required. The whole idea behind JobMatch Career is that the users are independent from day one.

Smart career guide

The secret of JobMatch Career is that it is actually based on an advanced work psychology test; the DNV-certified JobMatch Talent. This is a great help for transition funds, for example, who can bring up a complete JobMatch Talent result for the jobseeker if they need a deeper analysis. In the same way, you can produce a career guide for someone who has previously completed the JobMatch Talent test to get additional information for internal recruitment, development processes and redeployment.  

Interactivity – an important part of the career guide

The result is a dynamic and interactive career guide in which the user plays an active role. After the user answers the test questions, they are taken to their personal JobMatch pages and straight away can begin to research and make progress towards their individual and personal career path. Here they can see how their talents and personal characteristics match different professions and also see which fields are most suitable or less suitable for them.   

In Short about you – In this section users receive a brief, tailor-made description of their most distinctive characteristics and methods of working.

Personal career tipshere they can find tips about which methods of working and tasks can be empowering and stimulating as well as which methods and tasks may be more energy-intensive.

Career search – from a completely new perspective, where personal qualities and motivations are the focus, users explore possible career paths and can clearly see which fields could be suited to their natural way of working.

Talents and challenges – here the users’ personal characteristics and motivations are matched in relation to specific professional fields. This gives them an insight into which properties and behaviours are suited and what kind of challenges they can expect along the way, should they choose a career path in a particular field.

Personal presentation – is a function which helps users to describe themselves. They can generate different presentations which describe their methods of working, characteristics and talents in relation to the type of work they have chosen.  They can even choose between different presentation styles, such as subtle, neutral or bold. 

This is a really good tool for when someone needs inspiration to present themselves in application forms and job interviews, to support team development or when an employee wants to imagine themselves in different roles.