JobMatch LogiQ

JobMatch Logiq (JMLQ) is a modern and innovative adaptive IQ and aptitude test designed to assess cognitive performance in problem solving and logical reasoning. The tasks in the test are language-independent and instructions come in 32 languages.

JMLQ is reviewed, validated and scientifically certified by DNV.

Choose between six different test versions. Each version is adapted for a specific professional sector – from general practical roles to roles within advanced technology and science.

The test covers five areas: Numeric understanding, Mathematical Understanding, General Logic, Advanced Logic and Complex Problem Solving. These are configured based on which of the six scales is the most relevant to your project requirement.

JobMatch LogiQ is not time-limited – instead, a unique algorithm is used where the time taken to respond to questions is factored into the result. Thanks to this unique scoring method, JMLQ is a very accurate test that is short and quick to take, depending on which version you choose, between 10 – 25 minutes to complete.

The results are displayed online in an educational, self-explanatory and easily comprehensible way. The results are interactive, with the option to compare the results with different norm groups.

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