JobMatch Screen

JobMatch Screen is the solution for when you need to automatically sort many applicants by relevance and shortlist.

JobMatch Screen is based on the DNV certified test JobMatch Talent, which has a well-documented validity. The idea of the screening tool is that you only put effort into the most relevant candidates, achieve greater accuracy and minimise administration time.

Example of results


Choose from a large number of different pre-screening tests or create a unique test to your specification.


Get underway immediately – no training needed. Our customer service is available as long as needed.


New applications come in together with the results from the previous screening test. See straight away how well they match and focus more time on the most relevant candidates.

JobMatch Screen consists of a number of role-related tests based on a selection of relevant qualities from JobMatch Talent. If you are looking to recruit a salesperson or lorry driver, choose the most appropriate pre-screening test.

The screening test consists of 30-60 questions, depending on which qualities you choose to match. The test takes 7-10 minutes to complete.

Results include:

  1. Screening profile with match percentage in relation to the requirement profile
  2. The most important checks to focus on in recruitment
  3. Interview guide with questions for candidates
  4. Interpretation guide with more detailed candidate analysis.

Add aptitude test

You can also add a simpler aptitude test as part of the screening test and include an additional dimension.

Automatic online connection to your candidates

Obviously, it is important that candidates receive good information. Therefore, you can choose for them to automatically receive written feedback on their screening result.

Receive applicants’ CVs directly in JobMatch Center

An option for candidates to upload their CV when they take their screening test. You can also choose for them to send their CV to a specified email address.

No training required

The screening tests can be used without any training with a short introduction usually being sufficient. Of course, you are welcome to undertake complete test certification training to deepen your understanding and extend your use of different online recruitment tools in JobMatch Center.


Option to include a parameter in the test which shows the risk of self-glorification i.e., that someone sitting the test says they are more capable than is realistic. This gives you a more secure view of the results’ reliability.

Simple to use JobMatch Screen

  1. By logging into the JobMatch digital platform, you can easily find a screening test appropriate for the requirements you want to measure your candidates against.
  2. Automatically receive an application link to add to your job advert or webpage, for example. Alternatively, you can send the test to candidates yourself.
  3. Applicants click on the link, complete their contact details, upload their CV if relevant and complete the screening test.
  4. You receive a list of all the applicants and see directly how well they match the requirements. Now you can focus on those candidates who are the best match, read their CV, look at the results from JobMatch Screen and offer the most interesting candidates a job interview.
  5. The JobMatch Screen report is used for an initial understanding of the person. This gives you the most important checks and an interview guide which helps you focus the interview on what is most relevant.

Easy to integrate with various online HR tools or recruitment systems

JobMatch Screen is designed to be simple and straightforward to integrate with other online HR tools. We contact your supplier and coordinate the process.

JobMatch Screen

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