Certification in JobMatch Talent

The certification course gives you the knowledge and tools you need to strengthen your recruitment and development work with JobMatch Talent.

In the course, you will learn how to interpret and use JobMatch Talent in recruitment and as a basis for various development efforts. You will learn how to use the different reports about a person’s way of working and collaborating, and how they match specific job requirements.

The course consists of theory, exercises and dialogues.
The certification is personal to you and entitles you to use JobMatch Talent in recruitment, onboarding, and employee, managerial or group development.

Time: Two full days, as well as 3–4 hours of distance work for the theory test and individual certification
Certification: Performed over the phone, ideally within 4 weeks of completing the course
Requirements: That you have taken your own JobMatch Talent test which you take with you to the course
Price: €990 excl. VAT

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Customised in-house JMT training for your organisation:

If you have at least 4 participants, we can offer JMT training directly in your organisation.

Price: €2800 (2 days)
Certification: €300/participant

The above prices are excl. VAT. You are responsible for our course leader’s actual travel and subsistence costs in connection with the course.