Team building

Develop job satisfaction and team motivation

  • Give the group a new start
  • Create a genuine collaboration
  • Prepare the group for change processes
  • Help new groups to get started in the right way

You may choose to do a Team building for various reasons. It can be anything from wanting to increase the cooperation and energy between your employees to increasing self-awareness and tolerance for differences.


It is important that the participants themselves have taken their own JobMatch test. Our collaboration consultant will then contact you to clarify your needs and what goal we will be working towards during the team building.

The team building

We begin by clarifying important qualities for good group dynamics and collaboration. We give different examples of the pros and cons of high and low scores in the JobMatch Talent test. We also look at the most common Achilles heels in collaboration in general.

All of this takes place as a dialogue between the participants and our collaboration consultant.


As part of the team building, a number of short lectures are held and practical exercises are completed. The topics vary depending on your needs, but they may concern responsiveness, motivation, feedback, clarity, conflict resolution, communication, etc.

Group development is an ongoing and living process

If you want to go beyond a punctual effort, follow up the team building for the first time after about 4–8 months and then once a year.

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