Certified by DNV according to EFPA

As the first Swedish occupational psychology test, JobMatch Talent has now been certified and quality-reviewed by world-leading certification body DNV according to the new guidelines of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, EFPA.

“For a long time we have been working on our scientific documentation with the aim of being certified by DNV. The fact that we have now succeeded means that our test meets the requirements of an internationally recognised standard,” says Klaus Olsen, MD of JobMatch Sweden.

Det Norska Veritas took over the auditing and certification of psychological tests from Stiftelsen för Tillämpad Psykologi (Foundation for Applied Psychology) in April 2015, and therefore has certification responsibility in Norway and Sweden. DNV’s audits are based on the requirements model presented by the European Psychology Federation in 2013. The new guidelines require, among other things, scientific evidence that the test can actually be used to do what the supplier claims.

“The certification issued by DNV guarantees that a test meets its stated purpose and that there is complete documentation that backs this up. We have worked together with researchers linked to the University of Gothenburg for three years to develop this documentation,” says Klaus Olsen.

The new model was developed by an EFPA working group consisting of experts from different European countries. In addition to the requirement for evidence of the alleged use areas, the main focus is on informing test users about a test’s theoretical, practical and psychometric character in a clearer and more complete way than before.

“It’s about making things easier for our users. They will immediately be able to see our implementation areas and how our test can streamline their work. As JobMatch Talent is now certified according to these guidelines, our existing and future clients can trust that the test will work,” says Klaus Olsen.

The certification process means that DNV describes the different application areas of the test so that both test buyers and suppliers can clearly see the test’s reliability. The certificate is valid for three years provided that maintenance requirements continue to be met, which is checked by the provision of yearly reports.

“The fact that JobMatch Talent is now certified means that we will continue to be in touch with DNV, ensuring that we maintain our high quality level, and that we continue to develop our testing tools,” says Klaus Olsen.

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