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  • Personality test

    JobMatch Talent is an in-depth precision test for recruitment and development, for both individual employees and groups. The test is audited and certified by DNV-GL.

  • Screening test

    JobMatch Screen is based on the DNV-certified JobMatch Talent test, but is less extensive. It takes 10–15 minutes to complete and the screening tests are selected based on the nature of the job.

  • Logic and aptitude test

    JobMatch LogiQ is a logic and aptitude test. It measures logical perception, logical thinking, mathematical ability, linguistic ability, and the ability to find the common thread in complex contexts.

  • Certification

    You can undergo training and get a certificate in JobMatch Talent to become completely independent. Once certified you will be able to purchase tests at a significantly lower price, as you no longer need help from us to interpret the results.

  • Certified and quality assured

    JobMatch Talent is audited and certified by DNV-GL, Det Norske Veritas, according to EFPA’s new test review model. The certification covers work and occupational purposes, development and selection.The optional supplementary work analysis, i.e. different profiles to match the result against, is not included in the certification, as the profiles are variable.

    JobMatch Talent has thus undergone a thorough review of validity, reliability and other psychometric factors, and it has been validated that the test meets the extensive requirements set by EFPA on psychological tests for predicting work performance and employee development.


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    21 Jan

    New scientific report confirms: JobMatch Talent can predict job performance

    The answers from your JobMatch Talent test reflect your performance in your professional life. This has been confirmed in a new scientific report that followed groups of 305 and 258 people in two independent studies. – This further proves, in addition to our certifications, that JobMatch Talent really fulfils its purpose in recruitment, says Klaus Read more…

    28 Sep

    JobMatch Talent’s predictive validity

    Psychology and Behavioral Science, International Journal has published a study on JobMatch Talent’s predictive validity. The study shows that JobMatch Talent’s predictive validity – ie the test’s ability to predict work performance is far above what other psychological tests have documented. Professor Emeritus Trevor Archer from the University of Gothenburg believes that predictive validity is Read more…

    21 Sep

    JobMatch Talent available in yet another language

    We continue to expand the availability of the JobMatch Talent test. Now the personality test is also available in Turkish. The international demand for JobMatch talent is ever increasing. Earlier this year, the availability of the JobMatch Talent test increased as five more languages were added – Arabic, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish – and Read more…